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2017 Draft

Closer Look at Jourdan Lewis CB

On the 2nd day of the draft, round #3, Dallas selected Jourdan Lewis out of Michigan. It stuck in my head that he felt he was a first round player if not for the DV allegations against him. Naturally, that means look at some tape. Watching the first video, strictly highlights in 2016 on Jourdan, you have to love what you see. If they can flash those big plays, they can do it again. That’s how a scout and coaches look at a player. A corner is going to get beat, the other guy gets paid too, but can your CB make plays.  In this first video, he flashes everything in his bag of skills. He shows very good awareness, great use of his hands to break up passes, solid run support and good hands. Check out a play that starts at the 2:20 mark and if Dez made that catch, you’d be throwing up the “X”, TD or no TD! Amazing athleticism.  You can also catch a look at his teammate, #33, Taco Charlton!



This next video is great in that you get to see him against one of the top teams in the country. But you also get another look at Taco.  If that’s not enough you’ll get a peak at Noah Brown, WR at “the” Ohio State” who the Boys drafted in the 7th round. He de-cleats one of Lewis’s teammates on a crack back block. You’ve got to love the tenacity of Lewis, I don’t see him quit on a ball and has great use of his hands to break up passes. At his height, a shade under 5″11, traits like that are necessary to succeed.



This tape goes back to at 2015, his junior year. This was good in that it showed every target when Lewis and Burbridge were matched up against one another. We get to see skills and technique at work. Given his size he’s likely destined to become the new or future slot CB for the Cowboys.  Given what we heard yesterday on Cowboys Break, Bryan Broaddus stated that roughly 6 weeks before the draft, that the Cowboys gave Orlando Scandrick’s agent, permission to seek a trade. Bryan made it clear it was a very reliable source giving him that information. Obviously nothing came of that before or during the draft. Given the team friendly contract with Scandrick, its doubtful that they are eager to release him or trade him without value in that compensation.



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