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Breaking Down THE TRADE on first day of Free Agency

How about that trade by the Texans?  They cleared a major hurdle to take a serious run at Tony.  What was amazing is they found a willing taker, something few could have seen coming.  Perhaps of equal shock is that they don’t even want him.  Report is a trade or flat out release.  So why?  Let’s pull it apart a little.  The Browns seem to want Garoppolo from the Pats and wanted more draft picks to throw at them to make it happen.  Word is their 12th pick in round 1 and this new pick from the Texans.  That may not be all either, probably another quality pick or two is needed to make the deal.  The Browns are obviously willing to take the financial hit of absorbing some of the Osweiller contract just to make it happen.  The value of a quality QB has no fixed price and Cleveland is desperate to reach relevancy in the NFL and not be the joke of the league.  Now the Pats & Garoppolo are in the cat bird seat on this deal.  The Browns have to want to get a new deal with Garoppolo done before the deal as he heads into the final year of his rookie deal.  That also means that the RGIII experiment is also done.

Belichick isn’t letting his back up QB go easily or willingly either and I think he wants even more high picks.  Always ponder the Bradford deal when considering the trade value of a QB.  Bill is in a tough spot on this in that how much longer is Tom Terrific going to be under center in NE?  Yet, they can’t easily resign Garoppolo with Tom eating up QB money, although not Kirk Cousins money.   Two QB’s taking 30-40M isn’t likely to happen, especially in NE.  It may be decision time in NE, so that’s a discussion they’re having tonight.  Can they really get another 4 years out of Tom?  Can’t wait to wake up and see what happens tomorrow morning in the free agent frenzy?  The chum is in the water and the sharks are circling their prey!


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