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2017 Draft

First Look at Chidobe Awuzie CB

With the 60th pick in the 2nd round the Cowboys selected CB, Chidobe Awuzie from Colorado. His highlights looked very good and that shows his ability & skills.  Liked it enough to search for more tape on him to see if all his tape is as good as his highlights. The Cowboys need CB’s and develop them into the future starters. There are attributes that we’ll like. He’s a little hard to evaluate in that they moved him all around and they appeared to play a fair amount of zone. He’d be on the island on either side, in the slot and safety too. That will provide position flex, something the Dallas coaches salivate over. His positives include 9 sacks blitzing from corner or slot and 26 tackles for a loss. He reads and closes really well leading to those tackles, many of which showed up in his 45 stops on 3rd or 4th down. Money player on big downs, shines & flashes when needed most.



In watching the two videos below, there were some troublesome weaknesses that shows up and we all know, tape don’t lie! While he’ll fight a WR tooth and nail, he’s lacking in upper body strength. His tackling needs work, he tends to come in high and wrapping up is not his forte. He looks to grab and throw the ball carrier down a little too often. It works at times but in the NFL, guys are paid to break arm tackles. There are times that he’ll throw a shoulder in and expect the ball carrier to simply go down. What you notice is he bounces backwards, evidence that he needs work in the gym. Wojcik will work with him and make him a little more stout. Expect to see a major transition from his first to second year from a strength perspective. DB coach, Greg Jackson will work on the tackling technique and he must be consistent there or he’ll not see the field often.

After watching the tape on Awuzie & Lewis, the edge appears to be with Lewis from a consistency perspective. Further supporting Lewis’s claim to be a player that should have gone in the first round.




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