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2017 Draft

Immediate Draft Pick Contributor

The Cowboys had nine draft selections in The Draft just a few weeks ago. The fans are all looking to Taco to be the biggest and an immediate contributor or at the very least one of the early CB selections. There’s one draftee that I believe has the makings of an “immediate & signifiant contributor” and that’s the teams 4th round selection, Ryan Switzer. His skill set is quite visible in the attached video. Having seven punt returns for TD’s at North Carolina, enabled him to be the preeminent returner in this years draft class. You’ll see that he is also a very capable WR, predominately out of the slot. He finished his NC career as the all time leader in receptions. My vision for him is that he will immediately take over the punt return duties with an ability to flip field position at any time, TD’s would be a welcomed bonus.

Switzer being drafted with the ability as a returner was a key element of his selection was a clear indication that Lucky Whitehead’s days are clearly numbered. The talent acquisition business was on full view with this draft pick. Switzer has all the makings of being an upgrade at both returner and WR over Whitehead. Lucky was unable to gain Bisaccia’s trust inside the 20 as a returner, something I felt handicapped Whitehead’s confidence and rarely was he able to generate more than an average 8 yard return. Lucky was equally unsuccessful in being able to create a vertical threat. One play, although a great moment, was never replicated. All he ran in the passing game were the bubble screens. Switzer, on the other hand, has proven to be capable of getting vertical during his college years, which may or may not translate fully to the NFL given his lack of size. However, his ability to work a more complete route tree gives him individually a greater likelihood to contribute from the start of the season. Watching Switzer run a flag or deep out, is something the team wouldn’t think of running with Lucky. The video shows Ryan  running the same bubble screen as Lucky, yet, Ryan’s video shows a greater ability to turn them into bigger plays. He does good work in space. The flexibility of Switzer can be used to open newly created pages in Linehan’s playbook. During the moments leading up to his actual selection, I was watching the Draft Cam where Linehan was motioning to Jerry, Stephan & Jason, how he’d use Switzer. Hand motions, were depicting the routes he’d use him on. The plan was well underway on how to use Switzer in the return game and as a double slot WR. The use of Switzer in a double slot formation will make it near impossible for defenses to bracket Bease or double Dez. We’ve all heard the term pick your poison!




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