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No D, No Rings! Interview by Game Time Guru

I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by Shane Larson, the Game Time Guru (@thegametimeguru) earlier this week. Shane’s a Cowboy fan and it was obvious how much he loved talking about America’s Team! He just released the audio earlier today on a variety of platforms which are listed below. I’ve got the Youtube audio, in here, for all to enjoy.

It all started with a few questions by Shane on Twitter, via Direct Messaging and before you knew it, bam, we’re were planning this interview. My first ever, as you might be able to tell at times. Shane did a great job putting this production together. Naturally, I jumped in to listen to it here today and that musical intro, had my blood pumping, to listen and see how it all came out! Started off with how we got the site going and where its headed. Shane did a great service to his listeners & the Cowboys faithful with straight forward questions to draw out the answers most fans have to have, as we get ready for the season. Don’t believe that my answers were the typical one’s you’d hear from NFL Network or ESPN, hopefully not, as I look under the hood, from different angles. I expect the stars to play like stars. What I’m looking for is players with fewer props to do some solid heavy lifting. That’s why there are 53 men on the roster and we need all to contribute to be successful. Those are the stories or angles I’m looking to bring to you and the intent is for you to peak in that direction too.

We barely grazed the topic of our top 5 offense! I could talk about them for an eternity, they’re so good. But if we’re going to see another SB trophy hoisted, we have to improve on defense, thus the core of my focus and title above.

If you didn’t know where I stand, hopefully you’ll have a better idea after listening to this. Having grown up in NYC, facing those wretched NY Giants fans, my college buddies, my co-workers & a lovable brother in law, it solidified my resolve as a fan of THE Dallas Cowboys. You had to take a position, stand your ground and fire all your ammo! In NY, its take no prisoners in verbal warfare when it comes to sports!

Now I’m where I want to be among the faithful sharing news, views and opinions that are more than just the usual stories on every released player coming to Dallas. I hope you’ll enjoy the interview by Shane and send him a tweet if you’d like to have us do it again, perhaps after we attend camp in Oxnard in August or at midseason?  Or just to give him a nice “atta boy” for his hard work! Whether an interview or simply answering comments on our website, I can talk the Dallas Cowboys, 24/7. Go ahead, make my day!

Oh and another thing, I’m doing my part to bring my two beautiful granddaughters up right. The older is 2 years old next week & the baby is 4 months. They both have youth sized, dark blue Cowboy bucket hats! May not quite fit yet, but my baby girls are rocking’ those lids, they’re priceless!



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