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Tony Romo Special Moments

A great way for Tony to close out his career in Dallas. Goes from the premier QB job in all of the NFL to the top analyst on CBS. Great move for Tony!


Enjoy this clip that was on the Cowboys website today. You can see the competitor in him and we were lucky to have him. Gave us many highs and yes, some deep lows, but always giving it everything he had. I’ve argued with many that when he made that game ending pick that he at least hung it all on the line. I’ve watched the more heralded, throw the ball away on 4th down instead of going for it.


These are the plays we should all remember! I remember the miracle plays and pulling games out in the 4th. Through 2014 he was the leading QB in comeback wins in the 4th quarter since 2006. He was the difference in the teams being 8-8 when they were 5-11 talent wise. Had a very good team in 2007, but the lack of a running game hurt and the Owens injury were their downfall. The weapons were limited that day with Owens being unable to cut, Glenn was on the field for the first time that season. Marion Barber didn’t concern the Giants enough to make them change their defense. Offensively that day, the OC didn’t adjust in the 2nd half. Who was that rookie OC in 2007?



Vintage Romo! We saw this type of play for the next decade ……


If you want to see many of the great moments, here’s a clip, albeit 12 minutes of all of the 4th quarter comebacks! Will make you remember how good he was at his best.


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