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2018 Draft

A Look Into This College Football Season – 2018 Draft



It’s true, even in the middle of the off-season football remains among the most talked about of sports. The 2017 NFL Draft’s first round on Thursday, April 27th gained far more viewership than the NBA playoffs and that carried even into the days 2 and 3 of the draft. I say all of that to announce that I’ll be putting on reports of college football players (pretty much daily) that we’ll be looking forward to in the 2018 NFL draft class. These guys will be names maybe you have heard before but if you haven’t you should keep your eyes pealed for them during the College Football season.


You may have noticed that this isn’t your usual writer, Glenn Deltondo. So allow me to introduce myself. I’m Dexter Harris, I’m currently attending college and majoring in kinesiology. I’m going to school in efforts to become a teacher/football coach. As many of you guys who read, I’m a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan and any kind of football I’m down for, from youth to the NFL.


This series of reports should include a new player pretty much each day, life happens and I won’t guarantee that 100% . If you have anybody you want me to watch and give a report on, let me know and I’ll do so. You can either request in the comments section of this page that you are currently on, leave a comment on any of the reports, or you can tweet me @dexterharris28 on twitter. I plan on posting my personal video clips that I take of the players on twitter. These reports will lead to the beginning of the College Football and NFL season where I plan on putting together my top players at each position, with emphasis on Dallas Cowboys scheme fits. I realize that this is a Dallas Cowboys oriented site but I welcome fans of any other NFL teams or even just College Football fans.


I hope to hear requests from some of you. Any feedback, negative or positive is welcomed. Don’t hold back! I’m here to talk Football as you should be too if you are on this page.
Twitter- @dexterharris28




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