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Debate from Twitter, Resigning Players to 2nd Contracts?

There was a debate that started on Friday, June 9th that was very interesting. It was all about resigning of players to 2nd contracts and whether the Cowboys are overpaying them in the process.

One name mentioned by a friend, Dexter. on Twitter was that of Dez Bryant. Twitter is limited to 140 characters  to respond fully, so here we can all get in our opinions and thoughts down in the comments section. No limitations, take no prisoners!

My take is that Dez is one who’s value is not limited to his production but by his pressure on a defense. When the Cowboys break the huddle, all they want to know is where is #88, Dez Bryant.  It all starts there! Can they double him, can they shade a linebacker his way or just lay a safety over the top? When you have one player occupying two or more defensive players you get one on one with everyone else. You get nickel or dime packages out there more and that opens up opportunities for a guy wearing #21, Zeke Elliott.

In Dez’s case you can double him all you want, but put the ball above the rim and he’s the favorite every time to come down with the ball, negating whatever coverage is on him. When the Cowboys have a game changing or altering player out there that forces a defense to be less aggressive, then who’s got the advantage? How much is that advantage worth? How much are you willing to pay to get a defense in a posture that you can attack and pound? Or do you want to have an offense boxed in like say the Ravens? Beyond boring.

Now on the other side of the debate you can have one guy eating up, in Dez’s case 15M in cap space. Argument starts that you can get two to three mid level tier guys with that money. You can keep a Ron Leary and not be forced to go with a Jonathan Cooper at guard.

But as the argument / discussion ensues I’ll ask, did Dez perform on an individual basis sufficient to be paid 15M? How easy or hard is it to find a true #1 receiver that can dominate a game?

For me, I’d say generally speaking I’m good with paying top dollar if the player is performing in the top 5-10 of his position group. But I’m not on board paying for potential that hasn’t been reached in the first three or four years of a guys career. Does that bring anyone to mind that’s on this team right now? Think about that for a minute and ponder who may be grossly overpaid for the contract he has, without the production to back it up. Someone who got paid in a 2nd contract for what they think he might be? A contract given because they feared not having an adequate replacement. This player was drafted by the Cowboys, hasn’t had any really productive numbers or seasons or even stretches of a season, yet he got a monster deal and no one complains about it. Can anyone guess who that is? Mind you in all the interviews I’ve seen with him, he’s a great guy in the locker room. But as Leo Durocher once said, “nice guys finish last”. This player really only remains because of his contract and maybe his position flex. I’m concerned that contract may become a progress stopper this year for the best player at the same position! The opposing coordinators don’t care where this guy lines up? Now do you know the player, I find grossly overpaid?

One hint, its not Dez Bryant! But if you all want to know an interesting take on the actual contract of Dez Bryant. Ask me about it in the “comments” section and I’ll be happy to fill you in on it. Very telling and plays into a little of Dexter’s position of not being 100% on board with that contract. But ya gotta ask me!


I put this next video up awhile back when I did a piece on Romo, but here are 50 reasons that I’m good with the 15M for Dez. Not many guys get to 50 TD’s as a WR with one QB let alone a career. If you hadn’t seen this its worth 9 minutes to remember these plays with a smile.


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