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Earning the Star Won’t be Easy for this DE

A player not receiving that much attention as of yet, is last years 4th round pick, Charles Tapper. He’s yet to see the field in the regular season, as a chronic problem, since birth, Pars Defect, hit early in OTA’s and he was unable to get on the field with his back issue. Much was expected from him as their DE selection last year given the suspension of Lawrence. We’ve gone to the tape to get a good look at Charles and see what’s there. There were a few “highlight” video’s available for viewing and sometimes the best is individual games to get a more true picture down after down. What we know is that he has elite speed for a man his size, clocking a 4.59 for the 40 at the Combine. But I don’t see that in pass rushing situations and his technique wasn’t the greatest. He doesn’t have that bend you want to see a guy have, to capture the edge. My expectations will be tempered going into camp.

What did I actually see. For one, they had him in a 3 man front early on, with his first responsibility being to grab, clutch and read. He was fine with that and shows very well in down the line pursuit. Appears they used a 4 man front the latter part of his time at OU, but he still didn’t show that speed getting off the line. But and it’s a big but, you know he has that speed. If he’s going to make this team in whatever capacity, they will have to use teach him how to use them. It’s not natural to him. High motor guy, doesn’t stop. Hopefully, in his redshirt year they worked with him whenever possible on hand technique. Knowing Marinelli, they will work on him this year using that speed to be a “rushman” and get up field fast. If we didn’t already have an arsenal of  3 technique capable players, I’d be inclined to say he’s better suited to an inside position, than outside.

Expect to see him get his chance at LDE this year and compete primarily with Lawrence. He can set the edge nicely with his size on that left side. There are other DE’s in camp and he’s going to have to show a lot to make the 46 and 53. Here are some highlights, but its a concern to see him get off the line slowly at the snap. You see that he doesn’t get the edge often and appears to rush into his man, as opposed to using his hands & feet to shake free.



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