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2017 Draft

NFL Draft & Players in The Box

There’s a term, “Box Players”, that is used to label players that are very good, but their off field behavior has them off a teams draft board. They go into the abyss of “The Box”. Here are this years group that have found their way into “The Box” in my opinion.

We’re now two days before the draft and out comes a new bombshell regarding Gareon Conley, CB from the Ohio State. We wrote a piece on him two weeks ago on our site and now its highly unlikely to happen here in Dallas even if cleared by Thursday evening. He’s been accused of rape at a Cleveland hotel on April 9th and reportedly a police report has been filed. True or false is not our position here, but it brings a quick reminder to what happened to La’ell Collins. Conley appeared to be a strong candidate for an early first round selection. He will likely repeat the Collins scenario and go undrafted. He’s untouchable at this very moment.

I abhor the timing of this and if not true, then its a repeat of what happened to La’ell. If it’s true, then Conley may well be doing time and deservedly so.



Here’s a player, Jabrill Peppers, that had what is being called a failed drug test at the Combine. His urine test is labeled as “diluted”, meaning an excessive amount of a diluting liquid (typically H2O) was in his system. Peppers already faced a challenge of what would be his position in the NFL. A multi talented player that can play any number of spots, but which can he play, at a very high level? This is listed as a failed drug test by the NFL and he’s now in “the drug testing program”. That likely takes him out of the 1st round as teams don’t want players starting in the program and being a potential repeat of our own, Randy Gregory.



Rueben Foster has immense ability but he too failed the drug test at the Combine with the same finding of a diluted sample. Watch the tape on this young man and he’s a blur zeroing in on a ball carrier. One of my go to guys for player evaluation, Dane Brugler, lists Foster as his top linebacker in this years draft. His failure came out as he released the news himself to soften the damage.



Joe Mixon has been taking severe heat for several years as he punched a girl in the face back in 2014. There’s a video which shows the brutality of what he did very similar to the Ray Rice video. Reports are out that he met with the victim this week to apologize. The NFL is cracking down on DV, making this player a tough purchase for teams. Don’t expect the big market teams taking him, but there are a few teams that just might jump in and draft him. Cincinnati, which has been known to endure off field issues. Pacman’s never ending saga comes to mind. Minnesota is another potential landing spot and don’t discount da Raiders too. In fact the Raiders may be one of the more likely teams to draft him. The team will be leaving Oakland so does the franchise worry about perception? In Oakland, they’re used to the felons, misfits and reprobates of society. The team will be moving on to Las Vegas in a few seasons and in Sin City, the residents likely wouldn’t care about his past. They need a top runner to stand behind Carr. Although I think Curtis Samuel out of Ohio State may be a safer pick for them if he’s still on the board come their turn. Mixon’s a top five running back but a tough sell to a teams fan base.



Another player that has had his share of off field issues is DE, Tim Williams. In reading information on him, he’s admitted to failing drug tests at Alabama and an arrest on possession of a weapon. Character concerns certainly have him in “the Box” in Dallas. Saban didn’t seem to ever trust him, as he only started two games in his years at Alabama. Averaged only 28 snaps per game last year, but his production was significant in those limited snaps. Had 9 sacks and 16 plays for a loss. First round talent, but a player that may drop a few rounds until teams feel comfortable in dealing with the baggage. The fourth round is sometimes referred to as the “felons round” and that may be a fitting place for him to be taken.



These are all very talented players and each has been scouted as first round selections at some point in time this draft season. Their stocks have fallen, now the question is, how far do they drop? Don’t see these young players as Garrett’s definition of the “right kind of guys”, so its my take, that all five will be in “The Box”, in Dallas, come draft day. In the year that Jerry’s being enshrined into the HOF, he’s not drafting any of these guys! Take that to the bank ……


DT ……..


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