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2017 Draft

The Draft Show Is On the Clock!

We’re now inside 24 hours until the 2017 Draft! Do the Cowboys stand pat and pick at #28 or does the  GM move up or down? If anything we could see the team move back a few spots into the early 2nd round and pick up a mid round pick to recoup the 5th rounder we traded away in 2015.

There are several places to watch the drama unfold on Draft night. The go to place for this guy is The Draft Show on the Dallas Cowboys team website or team app. Host of the show is Bryan Broaddus (@bryanbroaddus) with Dane Brugler from CBS (@dpbrugler) and David Helman of the Dallas Cowboys site (@helmandc). I’ve watched their live streamed show since they started covering the whole draft and they are on the money with the selections for each team more times than not. They are incredibly prepared!

Below is today’s show where they do a complete 7 round mock. You’ll enjoy the dissection of every aspect of making your teams pick. Do you trade up and what’s the cost? Or do you trade back and gain picks? Bryan stirs the mental cobwebs to really make his teammates and us, the audience, think of whom you would take before turning in that card. They analyze every angle and Bryan pulls everyone in to think the decision through thoroughly. It’s not who would they would pick, but who they believe the Cowboys brain trusts will pick when they are on the clock.

My computer will be locked and loaded watching Bryan, Dane & Dave do some great work as they roll through every team. They analyze each selection and how that affects the Cowboys scenarios that they foresee. That’s of incredible interest to a Cowboy fan and why you need to be locked in watching them. Its the must place to be for diehard Cowboy fans.

Do yourself a favor and pull them up on your computer, the team app, IPAD and likely on Periscope as well. They go on air tomorrow, April 27th at 6:45 PM CDT and stay with us, the fans until 11:30 PM Central. In the past they get the Cowboys selections on air via phone for a brief Q & A. They welcome the new players and ask them questions that you’ll find fun and interesting. Surely they’ll have other guests pop in during the nearly 5 hours of air time to lend their thoughts and opinions as well. They’ll be doing this wire to wire, 1st pick to Mr. Irrelevant on day 3.





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