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OTA’s A Quick Look

Tuesday was the beginning of OTA’s for the Dallas Cowboys. Let’s take a look at a few of the topics and issues that have been reported and worthy of our attention.

One of the first items of note was that Zeke wasn’t practicing and that led to conjecture on the part of some people. One report was that he was taking a star player day off. Well the news eventually came out that he was a passenger in a vehicle that was in a collusion on Sunday night as he returned from a charity function. He came to the complex on Monday to be checked out as he was sore from the accident. The team appears to be holding him out until next Tuesday. Looks like a minor setback, we probably can exhale as needed.

A report came out yesterday from Adam Schefter that David Irving is getting a 4 game suspension PED’s. A supplement that he’s supposedly endorsing has an ingredient on the banned substances list. Don’t understand how he didn’t bring the supplement to the team’s staff to give the product the once over before taking it. Ignorance is not an excuse for not bringing it to the teams facility to be properly checked out. Don’t know on what grounds he’s appealing this as others have been denied under seemingly similar circumstances. This is one of those unforgivable situations, as it could have been easily avoided. These guys should know better, it’s not like they haven’t heard about the rules regarding PED’s!

A big story or non story is the status and participation of Jaylon Smith in practice. Its cute and or funny how he will only be a full participant in the OTA’s throughout the month on an every other day basis. For the moment, Chaz Green will be on a similar schedule. That means that on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s he’ll be out there, helmet on and basically a full go. The media is only allowed to watch practices on Wednesdays! Could that have been planned any better to frustrate them? That means that the Dallas & national media will miss viewing any of Jaylon’s work on the field until most likely, training camp in Oxnard in late July. More questions than answers for the inquiring minds of the media. On the team website there was about a six minute interview and Jaylon was one cool cat, not giving into the media’s probing of exactly what he’s been doing. Kept answering, I do everything they tell me to do and the famous, its a process, were his go to answers. You had to admire his cool, calm, collected handling of the media, as they were foaming at the mouth, looking for full answers. He gave them nothing and was so engaging and charming in doing so.

Wednesday was a day where they gave a veterans day to Sean Lee and Jason Witten, while Beasley & Lucky sat out with sore hammy’s. That gave Rico Gathers first team reps with the 1’s at TE. If you read the link below from the team website, Bryan Broaddus gave us good intel on what he saw. One of his notes, was that Rico did a nice job getting leverage on Taco and taking him out of a play for McFadden to get rolling. Garrett apparently gave him some props as well.

Ryan Switzer got in with the 1’s with Cole being rested and the report on him was very favorable as well. Nice reach back for a ball from Dak. Chido got some props too for his work in the slot against Switzer.




The team continues to use Collins at RT, yet its this persons opinion that they’d love for Green to take hold of the RT spot and put Collins back at LG. Heard that Green got a few snaps with the 1’s on Tuesday as they bring him along slowly following his surgery.

No news out there on my pet cat from this draft class, Xavier Woods, but the antenna is up and in its locked position. Will be keeping that antenna in position for Anthony Brown (last years pet cat) & my 2nd year player to be watched this year, Malik Collins. If Malik can stay healthy, then its my take he can have a really nice growth spurt in year two. Or will Crawford become a progress stopper for Collins.


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