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The Tony Romo Saga Continues

Most of us thought that it appeared that Tony would be released on the first day of NFL free agency two weeks ago. He even said goodbye. My initial thoughts were that Jerry would release him if he was unable to make a quick deal. Since then the silence is deafening, but its been fun watching the hysteria in the media. Denver’s been spinning the media that they’re only interested if Tony were released and theTexan’s say they won’t trade for him either. I’m not buying what these two teams are selling and neither is one, Jerry Jones.

Houston, unloaded or dumped Brock Osweiller to make room for Romo under their cap. Being a short flight from Dallas would appeal to Tony. But does Jerry like that option from a business perspective? Jerry’s team is America’s Team & the favorite son of Texas, without question. Would the media from Dallas send writers to Houston and break down Tony’s performance each and every week? That may not sit well with Mr. Jones, who wants all the eyes of Texas, on his Dallas Cowboys! Michael came out that he doesn’t see it as a big deal. Interesting though.

Don’t be fooled by the Bronco’s not being very interested in the services of Romo. They’re sitting on just enough money to take on his contract in a trade, pending the restructure a day later. Right now it’s a cat and mouse game and who’s gonna blink first. Elway’s a tough cookie but the master, is one Jerry Jones when it comes to playing high stakes poker.

Why the hold up at this point? I suspect that the trade offers are in and that the teams have talked turkey with Romo, but Jerry isn’t sold on what they’re offering and I still don’t believe he wants to give Tony away. There really isn’t a great rush to this decision. Players can’t meet with coaches for some time, so no one’s missing time with their new teams. In mid April workouts begin and that may be a moment of decision for the team. If Romo walks in for off season workouts and gets injured, then his contract is fully guaranteed.

The pressure of a decision will only increase with each passing day for teams in need of an elite QB. You’d think they’d like to have their QB position solidified by the draft. Have you noticed how there’s quite a few QB’s sitting in limbo during this free agency period? Cutler, Kaepernick, RGIII, Chase Daniel, Matt McGloin, Garoppolo (via trade?) and even Osweiller who the Browns don’t have an interest in keeping. These are just a handful of the fairly well known names. When the domino known as Tony Romo is finalized the rest of the teams will scramble for the scraps. None of the QB’s in this years draft are projected to be able to actually start in their first year. Yet teams will drool and reach in the first round out of desperation. The owners meeting is next week in Arizona and Jerry or Stephan will be able to talk face to face with GM’s and discuss options for an elite QB.

What’s the value of a QB of Romo’s ability? His injury history and age makes them all wary but they will bite at some point, he’s too good to walk away from. GM’s jobs are based on winning and who do you want starting game one this season, Siemen, Savage or Tony Romo? Elway’s got a defense that is Super Bowl worthy & two very good WR’s on offense, just needing that special someone to throw it their way.

What if no deal is made at the owners meeting, is that the end of it? Maybe, but there’s draft day where we could see a swap of picks perhaps in the first or second round. If Philadelphia could get a first and a conditional 4th for a very average QB like Sam Bradford, well there has to be some value to the Cowboys for a franchise QB. I can see this going until the summer and into the preseason when it dawns on Houston and Denver that they’re up a creek and the paddle is nowhere to be found.

Jerry doesn’t need to release Romo for the net gain of 5M in cap space. Wow, is that really that big of a gain in the grand scheme of things. In his heart I don’t believe Jerry wants to let Tony go. Technically, if Tony were to stay, then Jerry has the best group of QB’s in the league, bar none. It’s a real decision for Jerry to deal with. The other day, Josh McCown signed with the Jets for 6M guaranteed. Are you kidding me? McCown doesn’t impress me, yet I have to say he’s better than most back up QB’s, but he’s also brittle. Would it be impossible for Jerry to rework Tony’s deal that produces roughly the same money he’d get on the open market on a 2 year deal? Spread say 30M over four or maybe five years to work it into the cap. Realize that this team is bordering on the cusp of being a true contender for the “big dance”, year in and year out over the next 3-4 years. We’ve lost 9 free agents already in free agency and that can put us in line for 4 additional compensatory picks next year.
How did the people in Oakland feel when Derek Carr’s leg was broken? Did you feel the typhoon coming from the left coast when that bubble burst? They were legit contenders in the AFC and in one single moment that window was slammed shut, broken glass everywhere. Matt McGloin & Connor Cook weren’t going to get them past Brady & Co.

Should Dak get hurt, who do you want under center? Tony Romo or Kellen Moore? Until we actually see Dak back up his performance of 2016, we won’t know if he is the real deal or a one year wonder. Dak was outstanding last year, that its hard to believe he could tank as RGIII and Kaepernick did. If Dak’s QBR, slipped dramatically, to say 94, its likely still a really good season for him statistically. Realize that my favorite target at QB is Eli Manning. Eli’s only had a QBR over 90 in four of his thirteen seasons! Oh and none have touched the rarified air of 94. Jerry may want to pay a premium for protection from a Dak injury or if he simply struggles. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to have Tony in the bullpen! I don’t see Romo being happy with playing second fiddle to finish out his career. But he’s the greatest insurance policy at the most important position on the roster.

When you think of all the potential back ups out there, who makes you feel good or even just comfortable? Right now, I see Jerry squirming with his options sans Romo? Moore has never won a game, yet is well versed in Linehan’s system. Sanchez may never win another game in the NFL, that’s how bad he looks out there and why he only has the lowly Bears sniffing around. I’m afraid that his being a buddy to Dak may get him resigned if Romo is traded or let go.

Where’s the drawback to keeping Tony? When they go to camp, who would you expect to win an open competition between Dak & Tony? Not that it would be open to a duel. Remember that Dak is not the prettiest QB in practices while Tony is a seasoned pro. In Tony’s one series of the year, it looked like Romo was playing 7 on 7 in shorts. In listening to Bryan Broaddus & Nick Eatman from, on “The Break”, they say it wouldn’t even be close if they were both in camp and an open competition was held. But there wouldn’t be a competition.

I’ve given you all sorts of scenarios on this. What say you?



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