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Tony Romo Electing to Retire & Broadcast


It’s being widely reported this morning that Tony Romo has elected to retire and go into broadcasting. Nothing official from Tony as of yet while the team website via Rob Phillips is writing of the possibility as well. Speculation is rampant and who knows, may actually be correct this time. Given that a piece is on the team website, I’m inclined to believe its a decision that’s been made. It appears that CBS is the winner and may be announced as early as this afternoon.
As of yesterday Jerry gave 31 teams the opportunity to discuss the current contract with Tony or his agent and if so chosen they could work him out as well. In hindsight, that may have all been a set up to todays pending announcement. It probably was to get teams to make one final push to get Romo on a deal he’d accept. More on that later!


If this is the end, it was a heck of a career for a guy who was invited to the Combine as an “extra arm” for route runners, not to work out. A guy who signed as an undrafted free agent for a sizable $10,000.00 figure, albeit less than Denver offered.

This should set the QB market on fire and the big loser is the Houston Texans for not making a full court press to get Romo!


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