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Who Was Jacked Up for Week 2 of OTA’s?

Week two of the Cowboys OTA’s are in the book and one veteran is seriously jacked up. Jaylon wasn’t the story of the week! Prevented from seeing Smith on Wednesday’s, there’s not much the media can do but accept the freeze out.

Well, what’s the take from this weeks activities? There were few things that provided all I needed to know and hear about in this weekends workouts. A man, whose work I really respect, Bryan Broaddus is front and center on two of them. First there’s a video clip on the team website that he did for Somos Cowboys, with Amber Garcia. It will be followed by the link to Bryan’s breakdown of the Wednesday practice and finally at the end will be a player who’s excited about OTA’s! Must read to the bottom to see who it is and some great footage on this play maker.

The clip below courtesy of Amber Garcia was an opportunity to get a look at some of the snaps. As one might expect its all about the WR’s & secondary at this point. They’re the only one’s that can go all out (w/o heavy contact) and they can show case their skills. In this footage it became the Rico Gathers show. It’s clear Rico is one big, athletically gifted individual. You can see how well he moves and his ability to put the defender on his hip and lock him out in coverage when the situation warrants it. His rebounding skills translate well to being a TE, especially in the red zone. At his height, roughly 6′ 8″, Dak’s job of locating him is a simple one. Wrote a piece three weeks ago, “Below the Radar Player to Watch”, well, the secrets out of the bag. That doesn’t mean he’s taking over at TE, but rather the leap he’s made following his red shirt year with the team. He now has to show the ability to read the defense in a blink of an eye and alter his route for zone or man coverage. If that’s not challenging enough, how is his blocking and ability to adjust when plays are changed at the line? These are things for him to continue his growth and above all, gain the coordinators trust to get him real snaps. The road is long, but he’s progressing and this weeks OTA’s show it. Witten like Jaylon Smith gets Wednesday’s off, so Rico gets 1st team reps and is shining with the first unit. Last week he had a nice block on Taco that sprung McFadden.



It was brief but the last play in there was one of my pet cats from last season, Anthony Brown, batting a ball out of Dez’s hands on a late throw. My other pet cat from last year was Darius Jackson who was released today by the Browns with a knee injury, severity unknown. Let’s see if anything happens after the injury settlement is finalized.

Below is a link to the article written by Bryan Broaddus of A must read for diehards. A few items of interest were the use of Gathers in the middle of the field, a recovery by Jourdan Lewis on what was proclaimed a TD in the making by a qualified judge and Damien Wilson flashing all over the field. The last one with Wilson should be of interest as he works to claim the SAM position, as his. The one that concerned me was that Cleary was playing with the ones (ugh) and was schooled on a twist stunt, giving Taco a free run at Dak. Not the guy, I’m in favor of starting at LG, but it’s OTA’s, so I’m not losing sleep over it, yet. Word continues to be very favorable on my player destined to have an impact in the early going, Ryan Switzer. Another solid week for him getting 1st team reps with Beasley nursing the sore hammy.



To close out this piece on week two, is a player entering his 8th year. None other, than the remarkable, exceptional and most recent great player to wear the #88, Dez Bryant. Had the opportunity to see an interview on The Blitz with Mickey Spagnola sitting down with the Cowboy’s WR. Dez is excited entering this years OTA’s as he’s able to fully practice this year. He’s healthy  and having the 2015 contract situation out of the way, he’s full go in the OTA’s & camp this year. That contract situation cost him from working with his teammates in getting ready for the season. There have been a few rumblings & grumblings from media people this week, that this is a make or break season for Dez. Insinuation that his numbers aren’t equivalent to the dollars he’s paid. It blew me away what little awareness these writers have in understanding the importance of one, Dez Bryant. Dallas has rebuilt this team behind its offensive line and the emergence of Zeke. The team is now a run first offense, but if you leave #88, one on one, guess where the ball is going? If you don’t have a true threat on the outside, then they pack the defense to control or limit the escapades of Elliott. Williams is a nice WR, but doesn’t alter the way a defense plays schematically. The mere threat of Dez, spreads defenses and aids that OL in opening those holes for the running game. If these writers are so focused on getting value out of a contract and want someone released who’s under performing, look on the other side of the ball. Don’t mess with Dez!

Dez is a elite receiver who can beat you off the snap, but also one who will win almost every time above the rim. There’s never been a player better at going up and getting it done. If there’s no room, put it up nice and high Dak. Nice to know you have a great chance of a completion, a big play or even a TD when tossing it up near Dez. Since 2011, who has more TD’s than Mr. Dez Bryant? I’ll save you time, it’s not Antonio Bryant nor Julio Jones. Value, he’s pure value, so those media members that write those whispers, knock it off. Again, don’t mess with DEZ!



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