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Zeke Big Hurdle to Climb!

One minute we’re worried who we’ve lost and who did we sign here at the start of the new league year. Now today, we learn our superstar rookie, Zeke has found himself in the news for his off field behavior not his accomplishments on the field. Apparently he was celebrating an early St. Patrick’s day on top of a roof top at a Dallas bar. He’s yet to be cleared on allegations from last year and now this! TMZ has the video’s and they supposedly have him making two attempts to expose a fellow partier girl’s, breast. The league office thus far has no comment, but this will make Valley Ranch, a little uneasy in the days ahead. I get the ruthful exuberance to have a good time, but he’s got to be smarter than this or the league will come down on him, if nothing else but by the volume of his actions. Playful, we get it, smart it’s not! Come on Zeke! We love ya, but you got to remember the league will always protect the shield.


Now we’ve got a women’s group, not one I’ve heard of before, but their spokesperson, with a huge smile on her face is calling for the Roger to discipline and suspend Zeke immediately on grounds of sexual assault. This one may not go away, so stay tuned. We can’t give Zeke a pass on this but this activist spokesperson was too excited to suit me as she gushed on her own 15 seconds of fame on the video they have up on the TMZ site.

What can the Cowboys do to corral the young man during his off season? Where is Calvin Hill?




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