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Romo’s Farewell Video

If you’re a regular visitor to the team site, today they had a video up of Tony thanking his fans for their kind words and thoughts as the next chapter in his career gets ready to roll.  He didn’t say anything specific but clearly things behind the scenes are moving forward.  Can’t see the Texans not being his new team, but Elway can surprise everyone and swoop in. But Elway’s a real hard case in negotiations and may come up short this time.  Realize that Romo is going to want to be as close to home as possible and what better than a 45 minute flight from Houston to Dallas.

When I saw that video, I figured that a deal is being discussed between Romo & those involved in trade talks.  Without a contract agreed upon no trade is possible, so that has to be the first order of business to move forward.  We should expect that deal to have a base and per game performance money to protect whichever team with injury concerns.  Bonus money based on meeting certain team goals will be in any deal, with protections and rewards for both sides.  Similar to the Hardy fine print a few years ago.  If an agreement is in place and the fine print needs to be squared away this could be done tomorrow or take a few days.  But that’s where things appear to be.  Tony’s goodbye video indicates things are moving quickly in that direction and simply to reach out to the Cowboys fanbase to say, Thanks for the Memories! 


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