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Columbus City Docs, No Proof vs Zeke!

I came across this document having heard that it was available. Did my best to read all 77 pages of this and its pretty much what I was expecting to hear & read. Yet there were some interesting points you might want to know about. You can read all 77 pages or take the short route and read my synopsis. Kind of like, Cliff Notes!

Columbus City Attorney docs

What I didn’t realize is how many people were involved as witnesses, during the July dates that are the key to the NFL ruling. As almost all people know the DA elected not to pursue charges. If you take the plunge and read these 77 pages, you’d come to the same conclusion. Naturally, Tiffany’s allegations are listed that she was dragged, grabbed & thrown around the room. We’d expect her to state things such as that as she’s filing charges. There were numerous statements taken and all are for the most part identical in describing the activities over the period of time in question. The one thing that had concerned me was the physical proof that the girl was physically abused via the photos. Anything is possible, so it should be a concern for all of us. Now, if you’ve been reading along with me the last week you know that I’ve seen athletes set up by people for their gain.

Each of those giving testimony to the police amongst Zeke’s friends all denied any evidence of bruises or marks on Tiffany. On one hand, that’s exactly what we’d expect them to say, right? Well one person offered up photos from being out with Zeke & Tiffany during the dates she claimed of the assault. Here’s the key thing that seems to be completely overlooked, but it didn’t get past me. This young man, Chiedu Bosah, in his affidavit offered up at least one photo of Zeke, Tiffany & himself from July 20th/21st. His IPHONE, has a feature, metadata that catalogs the precise date, time and location of the photo and is unable to be modified or doctored, so I’m told. His testimony claims he did not see any bruises, so one can only assume that the time caption on the phone backs his and everyone else’s statement that there weren’t any bruises.

There are two officers who were at the Social Room where Tiffany had a short MMA style fight with another girl. The officers said the fisticuffs lasted about 60 seconds. This is the only verified physicality that can be judged as legit that evening.

Much of the timeframe in July encircles Zeke’s birthday and his desire that Tiffany not be included in the party, though she was doing everything possible to be part of the festivities. A confrontation took place at Zeke’s place at the Carriage House. where Tiffany, was apparently inebriated and yelling at Zeke and a female friend who was the designated driver. They all stated that Zeke exited the car and walked to the apartment, with the driver, Taylor, keeping herself between Zeke & Tiffany. All witnesses said Zeke didn’t say anything and never touched her. They’re his friends so its only natural that they’d say that right? Sure. But wait Tiffany’s BFF, Ayrin Mason describes the situation exactly the same to the affidavits of all of Zeke’s friends. Ayrin’s testimony stated that, Tiffany got out of her car, went over to the drivers (Taylor) window and starting screaming at her. This friend, Ayrin testified to that fist fight that Tiffany was in, back at the club. She said that Zeke never had any physical contact with Tiffany. Ayrin went on to declare that Tiffany texted her to tell the police that Zeke pulled her out of her car. Ayrin told the police that was untrue. One thing that all of those with Zeke, stated was that Tiffany was screaming that she was going to “ruin his career”. Even her friend Ayrin testified that Tiffany was screaming that she’d ruin Zeke’s career. Given the information available, Tiffany had a plan of revenge and the NFL swallowed it like tripe. They believed her but not Zeke’s group of friends, disregarded Tiffany’s friend, Ayrin, discarded Zeke’s fathers testimony and that of the officers who witnessed Tiffany in a girl on girl fight at a club.

Last but not least was the affidavit entered by Zeke’s father who was at the main party and only a few minutes behind Zeke & his friends going back to his place for the after party. Stacy Elliott received a call from his son that Tiffany was outside and causing trouble. Stacy pulled up a few minutes later and waited outside for the police to arrive.

Now we’re certainly not privy to whatever the NFL investigation looked at that gets them to lay the lumber to Zeke, but this document fails to meet any burden of proof that Tiffany was violated in any way by Zeke.

I was listening to Talkin’ Cowboys on the team website and Mickey Spagnola was reading texts between Tiffany and a girl friend. It may well have been Ayrin. The texts between the girls were alluding to sex tapes of Tiffany and Zeke and her intentions to use them to embarrass at the least, sell them or black mail Zeke with them. Seems she wanted a surgery for breast augmentation among other things.

My only conclusion after hearing the redacted texts read by Mickey and this court document is that Ms. Tiffany appears to have a plan to cash in on her relationship with Zeke. What happened prior to the July 2016 situation, there isn’t anything I’ve found, to review. But if I’m correct its the only situation that the NFL can look into and rule on against Zeke.

His appeal will be heard later this month by a lifetime employee of the NFL, Harold Henderson. He’s been known to virtually rubber stamp whatever Roger Goodell offers up. A Domestic Violence ruling against a player carries a minimum of a 6 game suspension. What will happen in this appeal is a heck of a good question? Part of the leagues diehard approach to getting Zeke pinned to the wall, is to prove once and for all that they’re serious about DV. A noble cause, a politically correct move to show their sincerity. To that end, it’s possible that they don’t reduce the suspension, they don’t have to after all. Yet there’s a possibility that they could knock it down slightly to show their willingness to avoid a prolonged court case that could be filed by the NFLPA. If there isn’t definitive proof of DV that we’re not being shown, then I’d expect the NFL to try and broker a small deal to avoid that showdown. At this point to my eyes, this is all about being Politically Correct for the NFL. If they have definitive proof, then I’ll retract my position, but until then, its they, that appears to be guilty of a questionable process and conclusion.

As an addendum, the other day I wrote a piece about ruining the reputation of a young man with limited or sketchy evidence at best. Today, I ran into a person from Dallas and we got into a discussion about Zeke. His opening comment was that it sickened him that Zeke was “guilty” of Domestic Violence! This is what I wrote about, that forevermore that stigma will be on Zeke for life, yet there was no case brought against him in court. Reading the court papers included above don’t support her claims. In the court of public opinion this Dallas Cowboy fan, albeit, a disheartened one, held the view that Zeke was guilty in his eyes. While I’m still unsure fully, one way or the other, I can’t in good conscience see him being labeled like this when there doesn’t appear to be any viable evidence for the July 2016 period of time in question. Yet he’s been tried, convicted and sentenced by the league but not our judicial system. There’s something rotten until proven differently!


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