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Key to Dallas Victory Is Straight out of Football 101!

When you really need a victory, go back to the basics! That’s exactly what the Cowboys need to do in Sunday’s clash with the 49’ers. This isn’t a game for exotic “X’s” & “O’s”, just plain old fashioned hard nosed basic football. The Cowboys lost two games almost all the fans had marked down in the wind column as soon as the schedule came out. Now we’re in a game that is needed to prevent the season from going on life support. The recipe for football victory can often be defined as the team that dominates the line of scrimmage, wins the game.

In Dallas, we went into the season believing we had the best offensive line in football. The bubble’s burst a little through the first five games while introducing two new players to the unit. But now is the time to prove its still among the elites. Nonetheless, they need to rise to the oaccassion and get their jobs done. To win this game the Cowboys have to dominate the LOS and pound the rock, down after down.

  • I’m pulling for the coaches to use more 2 back sets with FB, Keith Smith leading the way for Zeke. Been on that bandwagon since early in the season. Finally they went to it late in the Packer game with huge success. Holes have been plugged all too often for Zeke this season, so we need a FB to dig them out of the  hole!
  • Zeke needs to run effectively, gashing them with consistent runs of 4 to 8 yards and a few 10 to 20 yards thrown in for good measure.  Zeke’s runs will set the table and create the balance that will keep the defense off balance. That will set up man coverage for the WR’s to do some damage downfield. It will also allow the defense to stay fresh and get after Beathard.
  • Won’t hurt my feelings to see a few screen passes to #21. He’s got terrific hands, so lets use them. No less than 4 receptions on Sunday. Zeke in space is a recipe for success and a thing of beauty to behold.
  • Wouldn’t hurt my delicate feelings to use Rod Smith to punish their defense, with his physicality alone. Just a little change up to soften the under belly of their defense.
  • When the Boys hit the red zone, punch them in for TD’s, lay off the FG’s. Love Dan Bailey, but not fond of seeing him too often setting up for a field goal attempt. Posting 7 points, can and will put pressure on a rookie QB in his first career start.
  • The WR’s have to hold onto the ball when thrown their way.
  • Now that the offense has their marching orders, lets look at the defensive side of the ledger. The defensive front needs to be stout against the run. This is the most important aspect of the game in my eyes.  They need to keep the offensive lineman off the linebackers!
  • They have Sean Lee and Anthony Hitchens back and they’re being counted on to make the tackles in the hole and on the edge. Carlos Hyde is one solid running back, one who the Cowboys must limit to no more than 85 yards. A component of holding Hyde down is quick and sure tackling. They must control the SF running game and put the onus of a SF win squarely on their rookie QB.
  • I’m so laser pointed toward stopping the run, that I’d have my linebackers mirroring the movements of Carlos Hyde. The outcome of this game will come down to how effective they are in taking away their one weapon we’ve been struggling with the most thru the early part of the season.
  • We can look for getting three or four sacks and that would be great, but it still comes down to stopping the run.
  • Getting a few turnovers would be huge and you’d like to think its possible facing a rookie QB, whether its a strip sack, a bobbled snap or a simple old fashioned interception. It would end a three game drought on grabbing a turnover, but again it boils down to stopping the run. Everything else is secondary and complimentary towards a win.
  • STOP the run! It’s straight out of Football 101! It doesn’t get much more basic and simple than that. Is that too much to ask?


P.S. – My dad was a Brooklyn Dodger fan and from birth I was a Dodger fan too. As long as dad was alive we bonded over the Dodgers and since his passing I’ve not had that same passion with “our” team. I keep one eye on them, but not like I used to. Come Tuesday night, I’ll be watching from time to time and thinking of dad. He always amazed me in that he could remember the batter, the count, the score, the inning, the opposing pitcher and able to describe a single play, that single defining moment in a game, played 20 or more years ago. He never forgo a big play! He taught me that the only World Series that mattered was the Dodgers vs the Yankees. Sadly that match up won’t be happening this year. I’ll still be rooting for the Boys of Summer and remembering those magic moments talking with dad who loved few things more than his Dodgers! That’s what made sports so special for me and millions of others, that time to bond with your dad!


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