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Rumors Have Cowboy Legend Leaving For MNF?

Say it ain’t so! Rumors are running rampant this morning that Jason Witten is calling it a career and following in the footsteps of a long list of Cowboy players into the television booth. Reports are saying he’ll meet with Jerry shortly to finalize his retirement to bring his services to MNF on ESPN. How do we thank one of the all time greats at his position?

This has all the appearances of a family and business decision on his part. He certainly was the best TE on the current roster, his contract was just reworked for cap space purposes, making this his choice. Witt must have struggled with this as he had more in the tank, money was good but the offer may not have been there down the road. Strike while the iron is hot! Perhaps a discussion with his ole QB may have played a small part in his decision to step away, if in fact this is more than just rumor. Tony & Candace may have shared the added hours of family life that they now enjoy, while still bringing home a nice chunk of change.



We’ve been fortunate to have him for 15 long years, giving us everything he had, everyday of the week. All time Cowboys leader in receptions is hanging them up if rumors be true. In a way I’m really happy for Jason. He gets to retire on his terms, a rarity in sports. Fortunately his loss of a step or two speed wise, wasn’t his forte to begin with. It was his smarts on positioning that lengthened his career. He used his frame to cordon off defenders, boxing out quicker, more athletic players. He was Romo, then Dak’s security blanket, always being there on 3rd down, needed 8 yards, getting 9. I’m glad too in that, he won’t be pushed out by those questioning him getting another step slower. He wouldn’t deserve or warrant that, but it would have been inevitable. I’ve written pieces where I’ve stated that the receiving corp, of Beasley, Williams and Witten, basically clog up the middle as none get deeper than 10-12 yards on any regular basis. It was a flaw in personnel and scheme that had that many players who’s best work were in the same range on the field. With Zeke, we need to spread defenses and those three weren’t getting it done. Frankly, I expect Williams & Beaze to be gone in 2019, but saw Witten still here based on his contract extension.




What I don’t want to see is any desperation to change their draft plans based on this news here on day two. In looking at the players who came in for the 30 visits, none were TE’s. Last thing we want to see is someone being picked out of desperation. Are the scouts looking at tape since the rumors started? Makes day two of the draft all the more interesting.

I’ll chime in with my first take on LVE’s selection in round one. It was a position of significant need. Come back and visit for the full take!


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