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Tip Your Cap! They Don’t Come Much More Special Than #82!


Well it’s official, Jason Witten has retired from the Dallas Cowboys! There’s not much I can add to the legacy of such a terrific player and maybe an even better human being. What I can bring to you today are a few things all in one place that will allow you to enjoy and remember Jason’s career, special moments and ultimately his retirement press conference.

Please enjoy these plays that bring back so many great memories for all of us as fans!



A special shout out by another Dallas great, Demarcus Ware!


This is a rather long video below as it includes his arrival to the facility for the press conference. You hear a lot of things that you’d kind of expect to, but one part hit me pretty good and from someone that, well, I’m often critical of, Jason Garrett. His comments were clearly from the heart and all very good. He struggled getting thru the emotions of the moment. At the roughly the 53 minute mark he talks about Jason and the Y Option, his signature play. If you listen to nothing else, you shouldn’t miss it. I highly recommend it for the true die hard fan that I hope you are.



This final salute also found on the Cowboys website is a wonderful tribute to Jason. Enjoy it!



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