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Getting Pumped Up For Training Camp!

The Dallas Cowboys arrive here in Oxnard on Saturday, July 22nd. We’re all chomping at the bit to see some real football, pads smacking, filled with the testosterone grunts from our Dallas Cowboys. Taunting & smack talk now gets a little more real once those pads go on. Who better to jack us all up, than #88, the one and only Dez Bryant! Thanks to those who put some of these clips together for us on Youtube. Watching Dez call out the defensive secondary was pure Dez. This will be the first training camp in awhile where Dez is fully healthy and not handling business in a contract year. We should be looking for another epic camp from Dez, whom we can expect to be the pacesetter for each practice. Get better or get off the field! Don’t see any of these rookie backs, backing away from Dez, nor will he let them. He will make these rookies better one play at a time, one day at a time. We’ll be there August 8th & 9th to catch all the action and report back. Until then, wanted to help get the Cowboy faithful pumped up in anticipation.

Here are three clips of Dez. The first two are less than two minutes and are from past camps where he just makes one insane catch after another. The last clip is for those looking to get seriously pumped up. It’s a little less than 10 minutes and you can get a look at Dez throwing up the “X”, 50 times. Each pass from the new top analyst at CBS this year, Tony Romo!

August 3rd is the first preseason game, HOF weekend. Are ya ready for some football?




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