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The Weeks News & Notes Leading Up to Camp!

It was announced on Thursday that Justin Durant will be returning. A move we could see coming the minute that Damien Wilson  was arrested for his reported actions. While news continues to be favorable on Jaylon Smith, its likely they bring him along slowly. Throw in the knee scope on Nzeocha and this was a very wise move. Durant knows the system, good locker room guy and just a solid veteran. He can fill in at any of the spots, so his flexibility is a huge plus.

A great video was produced on the Cowboys website on Dak Prescott. If you didn’t see it, you really should. Well done and several great segments with his college coaches and how things all came to be. It’ll make you appreciate Dak all the more!

News came out that the latest tests on Jaylon Smith’s damaged nerve continue to improve and that full regeneration may be complete in six to nine months.

Jourdan Lewis will be in court next week facing the DV charges against him. A settlement fell apart and a trial will take place next week. He’ll miss the early part of camp and there are no expectations at this point on his return.

Lost in the wake of the Zeke news on Monday, Lucky Whitehead suffered a break in at his home and his dog, Blitz was stolen. The dog was returned the next day under questionable circumstances. At first the thieves were holding the dog for ransom, by some reports $10K, others as much as $20K. Lucky was begging for return of his dog on social media. A rapper was posting videos with the dog and calling him by name. The dog was safely returned, but questions linger. Bizarre!

Dak’s added a new marketing endorsement as he takes over a role once again from Tony, as he reps for Direct TV. Perks of being The QB, of the Dallas Cowboys!

A Tony Romo documentary is in the works, so keep an eye out for it. Different angle than the free agent to QB of America’s Team. Could be very interesting! Tony also said in an interview that he’s coming along as an analyst in his practice work with Jim Nantz but still has a long way to go. The rookie learning curve can often be steep! Give em time ……

The reports on Zeke’s part in a Dallas night club appeared to be false reporting (fake news) and the police have at least temporarily suspended their investigation. A speeding ticket for doing 100 mph in a 70 mph zone is being appealed too.

More Zeke news, he’s going to turn 22 on July 22nd! Twitter fans, lets show him some support and send him some best wishes on his birthday!

Just went over to listen to Cowboys Break and they gave me “On Air”, which I avoid, due to one really dour participant. That same person was going on and on, insufferably about Zeke. Realize these broadcast teams switched players for the 2017 season. Ok, now when Mr. Insufferable stopped for a fraction, another person chimed in that maybe Zeke should be suspended, as it might be a good thing for him. The reason I’m mentioning this is the expression and reaction of our beloved, Nate Newton. He started shaking his head in disbelief and did one of those hand wipes around his whole face! It was pure Nate, it was priceless. Probably around the 28 to 32 minute mark of the show. I can’t listen to this show intentionally due to Mr Insufferable/Mr. Negative. But you just might laugh like I did with Nate’s expression! Sorry, Nate it appears to be a tough year with the new crew! Ask Derek to move you ASAP!

Terrell Owens was back in the news taking swipes at our HOF to be TE and one at Dez as well. Here’s his statement:“You just put the right people around him (Dak),” Owens said. “[If] Dez Bryant [is] the playmaker he was a couple of years ago, and he gets some other added pieces, a good tight end, and defensively they stop some people, they’re going to be a force to be reckoned with.” The man never learns? When did Dez stop being a playmaker?


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