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Oxnard Day 1, Clips & Comments!

A quick look at some of the fun in Oxnard that may interest the diehard fans on the first day of 2017 camp. Feel free to pick and choose those that may appeal to you the most.

This first clip brings the heart and soul of the team onto the field. When you see guys wearing jersey’s in the 70’s you know its the guys up front paving the way for Zeke and protecting Dak! Frederickson, Tyrun, Zak & La’ell taking the field.



This combo is one we’d like to see connect about 80 times for about 1100 yards and 14 TD’s!


A young second year player honoring one of our country’s finest in this photo below! Maybe those promoting his being suspended should see this photo ……



This was a really good discussion by Bryan Broaddus and David Helman on the WR position! Worth a listen as they break down the position and fit for each player.



Everyone’s waiting for Jaylon Smith and reports varied on his mobility. Tape don’t lie so judge his mobility for yourself. Still a long way to go. Pads go on come Wednesday and the key is seeing how or when he’ll take real snaps. Until then he passes the eye test. He’s been a terrific in putting in the work to get to this point, but he has to prove to himself & the coaches that he’s able to take on blockers and make plays.



Lindsey closes out the video clips with a quick recap of the days events. Touches on the UnLucky news regarding his arrest, which started early in the morning and was closed out a few hours later. Should remind us of guys that weren’t making needed under Jimmy, that would get released.

Catch Ryan Switzer’s interview, sounds like the right kind of guy to these ears! This is a short clip, a shade over two minutes, worth listening if nothing else but to hear Switz!



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