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Zeke’s Week!

Over the weekend there was all sorts of scuttlebutt with Adam Schefter, leading the way, that a suspension was pending by the league office (Roger Goodell) on our own, Ezekiel Elliott. Nothing confirmed by the league on that, of course. The reports went on to say that Zeke’s camp was “bracing” for a suspension. Hint, hint, even if the league intended to do so, they wouldn’t have said anything until after Jerry was inducted into the HOF, not to spoil his moment. Just my two cents! We can all haggle over the grounds for such a possibility, but in the NFL, its really up to one man, like it or not. The photo I selected is to emphasize that this story is about Ezekiel Elliott the person, not the NFL rushing leader & Dallas Cowboy.

First it was a possible DV issue with his old girlfriend, with no charges filed and from what we all heard, conflicting stories and people at one supposed incident claimed nothing happened. No charges & no reported corroboration. Anyone think that the ex may have thought she was joining him in Dallas, then felt jilted? No one even raised the possibility of that. Every sportswriter knows it wouldn’t be a first. Sleeping on their IPAD’s, after knocking down a few Pina Colada’s?

Then the Mardi Gras like atmosphere for a St Patricks Day parade in Dallas, where video clearly shows Zeke, pulling down a girls top, to bare a breast.Not something out of the norm for Mardi Gras, but clearly wrong on numerous levels & this was in Dallas. But we are talking about a 21 year old man, turns 22 on July 22nd, who’s just out whooping it up.

Then came the alleged reports that Zeke had an altercation with a man at a Dallas night club, this past Sunday night. One punch was thrown and the man’s nose was reported to be broken. The rush to judgement was insufferable. I wrote a piece about this rush to punish Zeke, over the claim of one individual. One! When I saw that I sensed that it wasn’t true, otherwise there would be 20 people saying the same thing. I didn’t see that and the stench meter was telling me something was rotten. Sure enough within about 4-6 hours, the report was contradicted by another bystander who said it wasn’t Zeke, that he wasn’t even close to the situation.



Just yesterday it was announced that due to the inability to find the DJ with the broken nose and any witnesses, the police were suspending their investigation. Not an exoneration of Zeke but neither did it incriminate him. What this episode did was add another situation regarding the actions of Zeke that don’t show him in the best light. This is where he may find trouble with Goodell. Guilt or arrests aren’t required for a judgement from the NFL.

Another report came out that Zeks’s appealing a speeding ticket for 100 mph in a 70 mph zone a few months back. Shouldn’t be a concern but to the NFL it might be. In the NFL, anything and everything can be held against the player.

What frosted me was listening to a short clip on ESPN of First Take. Doing this site now forces me on occasion to listen begrudgingly to ESPN. First time in almost 20 years. They were ripping Zeke, his bad boy behavior and that he should receive a stiff suspension. That was their take shortly after the announcement of a fight in a bar. Without any proof they’re calling for a heavy suspension. That’s what ESPN did, made up there own narrative to a new alert. Disgraceful to say the least! Former players who should know better but are lap dogs for the ratings. Go negative on the Cowboys, always creates chatter.

Alright, I’ll give you my assessment of  Zeke Elliott. He’s a 21 year old young man, an elite RB from Ohio State, a CFB National Champion, who gets drafted fourth overall in the 2017 draft!  A little over a year ago, while only 20 years of age became a multi millionaire when he signed his first contract, for 25M. Now he’s away from college life and for the first time he’s really, on his own. I’ll continue to say that this is a 21 year old man, that loves to have a good time! Remember the guy who jumped in the Salvation Army kettle after a TD? That’s Zeke! When he’s not in the gym or on the field, he wants to live it up and have a grand ole time!

The one’s who need to sit down with Zeke are his mother and father & his accountant! This is their baby, their son, let the family sit with him and help guide him as they did in getting him through his first 20 years. If Zeke’s suspended even two games for the collective news bulletins that pop up, it will cost him almost $500K.

Today, on 105.3, Tony Romo vouched for him being a good person, great with people off the field and all the good he does to help the Dallas community. I think he can figure out on his own that changes need to be made. He’d likely be the first to tell you he needs to do things a little differently. If anything the league should send a rep to sit him down and talk with him about the perceptions of his behavior and how they need to stop.

Those who rushed to judgement (ESPN) hurt his chances of getting a warning slip from the warden! Any wonder why I don’t watch ESPN …….

Now if you really want to see some football highlights of Zeke, then enjoy this!


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